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We are ever so passionate!

When it comes to automobiles, we are passionate about each and every one of them. The history and legacy of what has been created is remarkable and we are so happy to see so many of these beautiful creations here in Alberta.

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At the Alberta Car Club, we wanted to take our love, hobby and passion a bit further by creating a group for like minded folks to all meet one another and learn.

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Started in Summer of 22'

We've always been passionate - However, we realised that we couldnt keep up with all the meet ups and events and that is why we are going to share all dates/events in and across Alberta for you to visit! If you are an event coordinator/planner -- reach out as we'd love to place your events on our calendar and mailing list!

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We’ve got a few things for you! Tees, Caps & Water Bottles to keep you hydrated for the meetups and cruises!

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